Weddings vs Competitions

In the process of updating my website, I suddenly realised it's been a while since I wrote in this journal, so I shall now do so and fill you in on some of the fun things The Crafted Cake has been involved in recently.

For starters, we had a rather unusual request from Dinner Ladies Ltd to create a number of sugar butterflies for their Sinner supper club, which involved a fabulous collaboration of various different creatives to bring together a wondrous bacchic style seven course meal event. Themed after the seven deadly sins, think dark candle-lit dining tables, fine wines, a course for every sin greedily devoured (sea urchin sashimi and white asparagus soup with truffle oil to name a few). And there, in amongst the flower decorations, sat my little sugar butterflies waiting to be plucked and eaten by those who so desired. 

Talking of wedding cake, I made one recently that stood out in particular as it was for a lovely couple who are in their 60s! To think that you can live a long and fruitful life and still  find love and happiness at such a late stage is extremely reassuring. There is hope for us all yet!

The cake they requested was a simple, but delicious, three tier victoria sponge cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream filling and covered with marzipan and sugar icing. The flowers were pale yellow roses and rose buds with blue hydrangeas.


My second adventure was to enter myself into Cake International for the first time. Supposedly the worlds biggest international cake competition, you can imagine the cold sweats and nail biting that occurred in the run up to delivering my cake and allowing it to be scrutinised by some of the most internationally acclaimed cake makers in existence. Every cake maker who has done this well knows the sharp intake of breath with every bump in the road as we drive towards what seems like our impending doom. Well, I can now officially announce that I am an award winning cake maker! Hooray!

I might now, if I may, dispense some valuable advice for those wishing to take part in Cake International for the first time, at least those entering into the wedding cake category. It might seem obvious to some, but there were quite a few who made this mistake, myself included, which is that, although you're in the wedding cake category, the judges are not looking for what would normally be a stunningly beautiful wedding cake. In fact the only resemblance these cakes have to wedding cakes is the fact that they are tiered. What they want is a demonstration of as many different skills as possible all expertly executed. So, there you have it, I for one would have been extremely grateful for this piece of advice, and I hope you will be too.